mardi 2 octobre 2012

Youth Vision in Lavaux

It was a curious day to be out in the vines: the morning skies were being assaulted by a chilly and wet weather from the South-West, and my visitors seemed a bit reluctant to set out in the gloom. So I made sure they were reassured by the fact that we were going to start the tour by driving to our first destination. But before that, we went to stand under a shelter on the Baron Tavernier's deck ( overlooking the wide expanses of the lake's grey waters and I embarked on the fascinating story of Lavaux: bishops and monks, glaciers and rocks, wines and lizards, tradition and modernity!

I was in charge of a tour set up by MVT (, part of a 10 days UNESCO swiss world heritage discovery trip organised for a group of young, trendy and fun chinese journalists and editors, who were preparing an article for the next issue of YouthVision magazine (

After strolling through the village of Epesses, we arrived at the domain Wannaz at Cheneaux (, one of the most original places in Lavaux: biodynamic wines, no pesticides, organic cultures and one of the most delicious tables (meaning a place to eat!) of the area.

Here Dorian, the domain's oenologist, is giving us a taste of the first red juice of the year (not yet wine!) straight out of the press.

Inside Wannaz's house, it's really worth a visit! You will immediately feel at home, thanks to a warm welcome. The meal was delicious and incredibly inventive (5 courses!), all cooked by Mister Wannaz himself, the wines were varied and perfectly assorted to the food, with some exceptional bottles. We were also joined by Dorian who shared with us his passion and his knowledge.

We reluctantly had to say goodbye to the hospitable Wannaz House and after a short stop at the Vinorama ( to watch the Lavaux movie, we started our walk under a timid sun towards St-Saphorin. And how about this: a steadycam!

On the way, one or two grapes were nibbled at, I admit (a scientific necessity I assure you!-), and I also introduced my guests to some less ordinary outdoor menu: bluebell flowers!

This is what UNESCO world heritage is all about: conveying universal values and establishing links between peoples all over the world, is it not?

Thanks for your smiles and enthusiasm, Jia, Yujie, Dan and Ming.

Matthew (GPL)