lundi 20 octobre 2014

A wine-tasting and landscape discovery highlight in Lavaux

8 September 2014

The Slovak group passed through Lavaux during their excursion day from Geneva to Gruyère.

We walked down from the upper part of Lavaux vineyards to "Baron Tavernier" where we had an aperitif drink on the suspended terrace-lounge above the shores of Lake Geneva, in the private area under the chestnut trees. Arthur, the sommelier of Baron Tavernier provided for our group an excellent selections of wine from Lavaux region.

The ambiance was delightful, the wine tasting was nice and the view from the terrace was really spectacular. 
The Slovaks were impressed by the majesty of Lavaux landscape. They learned about its geographic layout, its historic development and the famous chasselas wines.

The group finished their long day in one of the Lavaux's restaurants just near the lake. 

Text and photos: Julie Sidelnikova (Lavaux Unesco Guide)